Due to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the museum in Kharkiv and Kyiv is closed to visitors.

The team of the museum is currently safe and provides informational support to the older generation, namely, students of the Educational Center on the basis of the museum.  During the war, we have been creating step-by-step educational instructions, teaching how to use important online services, checking fake news, and explaining this algorithm for the psychological safety of our students.

Our exhibits, carefully collected from around the world, have changed "flashing" on the museum's shelves to the temporary “hide and seek” in the basement of the building, but now they are safe and intact, looking forward to meeting visitors in peaceful Ukraine.

For those who want to support the museum and its team, we would be grateful for any financial assistance, which can be made through PayPal: donate@sncmuseum.org 

In this difficult time, we thank all the friends and partners of Software and Computer Museum for your messages and support!

Take care of yourself and see you soon!

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