Support museum

Now the museum's exposition is exclusively the enthusiasm and investment of three computer fans - the founders of the museum.

But the history of technology is so long, interesting and bright! Let's show it to the whole world together - we need your help!

The museum project and trainings are supported only by volunteers. Girls and guys are still at the start of the career growth; Specialists of their sphere who are dreaming of sharing their skills and abilities - they are all volunteers of our project. But it’s not enough to satisfy all the visitors of the museum, who want to know more. If you are able to teach your grandmother, or you yourself managed to master the Internet only when you retired, and you want to tell about it all over the world, then join our team of volunteers. You will be able to get acquainted with many interesting people, one of the first to see how to turn on legendary computers!

In order to create the next exhibitions and expand existing ones, the museum needs new "inhabitants". Look at your attic, examine boxes with old things.

It’s time not to hide the history in boxed! There is a better place - on the clean and comfortable shelf of the museum.

Do not be indifferent, become our contributor. We will be glad for any investments.

Call us at +38 (067) 539-40-50 or +38 (067) 539-40-25, if you want to help us!

See you in our museum.