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Among a lot of  IT courses in the city, there is no place for older people who did not have time to follow the technological development and stayed behind the innovations.

We decided to solve this issue and created the first in Kharkov free educational program of computer literacy for people over 40 years old.

What issues does the program solve?

    • Increasing the level of computer literacy
    • Employment Assistance
    • Development of professional skills necessary for IT work (design, lead generation, technical support)

Imagine, that one day you wake up, and your grandmother doesn’t ask you to write SMS instead of her, she has already gone shopping and returned, because she did not wait in the queue for cash in the bank - your grandmother paid for everything with a smartphone! And then posted it in the "story"! She calls you not from "home", but on Skype. And she never regrets her retirement, because now she is a member of the cool company! We see the world of future like this! Because who said that the computer is just for young people?

Want to make a gift for grandparents? Or maybe you're 40 and you want to change the work but "terrible and unexplored" programs keep you down? Are you retired and want to keep up with the times? In any case, the Sw and Co Museum is waiting for you. We have the most loyal teachers who will give you all the necessary knowledge available and structurally and also help with future employment at the FREE Computer Literacy Courses. The oldest student of our courses is -78! So our doors are open for everyone. And they will open the next door to a new life.



Professionals of their business, who make their social contribution to the development
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Sverdlyuk Bogdan

The teacher at the courses 

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Andrii Chuian

The teacher at the courses

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Kirikovich Maria

The teacher at the courses